Martin Spier Carbon-based bipedal life form descended from an ape.

Performance Engineer @ Netflix. CTO @ HandsOn.TV. Entrepreneur. Adventurer. Addicted to Travel and Electronic Music.

It’s short, but pretty self-descriptive. I’m an engineer, more specifically, a performance engineer @ Netflix, the world’s leading internet-based television network and largest single source of internet traffic in North America. I try to fill my days trying to make Netflix as fast, efficient and resilient as possible, from your iPhone client to the operating system powering all services.

I’m also the co-founder and CTO of HandsOn.TV, a global video platform to discover, learn & share carefully curated entrepreneurship-minded content. We believe that the entrepreneurial mindset can change the world for better and video is the best format to spread it!

I’m passionate about travel. Getting to know new places, new cultures and new people are the most fulfilling things one can experience in life. I’ll jump into a plane or back of a truck at the smallest opportunity. In 2015 I finished the Mongol Rally, driving over 12.000 miles, across 21 countries, over 2 months, for charity. I’m a big proponent of backpacking, overland and adventure traveling. The best way of getting to know new places is not in a 5-star hotel!

According to TripAdvisor, I visited north of 30 countries, hundreds of places, and that’s just 17% of of the world!

Check my projects page to see a few other things I’m working on right now!

Also, follow me on Twitter! @spiermar

I was once told I was a “man of many passions”.