Hi, I'm Martin.
I build, scale and make things faster.

About Martin Spier

Performance Engineer @ Netflix. Advisor @ monashees+. Entrepreneur. Adventurer.

I’m an engineer, more specifically, a performance engineer @ Netflix, the world's leading entertainment service and largest single source of internet traffic in North America. I try to fill my days trying to make Netflix as fast, efficient and resilient as possible, from your iPhone client to the operating system powering all our backend services.

I've developed multiple open source tools like Vector and FlameScope, created plugins like d3-flame-graph and d3-heatmap2, and contributed inumerous other projects.

Internally at Netflix, I've created Icarus, Netflix's real-user performance monitoring solution that runs on every single Netflix device on the planet. Developed Mogul, a bottleneck analysis tool that inspects internal and external dependency demand for services and help us identify bottlenecks and tuning opportunities. Developed Slalom, a high-level demand analysis tool that helps visualize demand flow on large scale systems. Worked on metric trending that helps us identify long-term performance regressions. Developed the in-house cloud performance testing framework, analysis tool and fully automated analysis engine for performance tests.

I'm also a Venture Advisor at monashees+, one of the largest venture capital firms in Brazil, where I try to understand the tech level of prospective startups and help the invested ones to grow! Besides the portfolio startups, I advise multiple companies, of all sizes and shapes, on a varied set of challenges.

I Speak At Events

Over the last few years, I've given inumerous presentations, to groups as small as six and as large as 6,000. Most of my talks are technical and related to the work I've been doing at Netflix. I'm also known to seldomly speak on topics related to innovation, technology, engineering leadership, culture, product development, and the Silicon Valley mindset.

Besides public presentations, I also talk with companies and individual teams, locally in the Bay Area and remotely, about a varied set of subjects.

I tailor each session to the audience and strive to create the outcome you want to create!

If you're interested in a speaking engagement or meeting, scroll to the contact area to get in touch with me, and include the event date, location and your expectations in the message.

Upcoming Talks

  • Jul 28th, 2020 - São Paulo, Brazil (remote) - Forum E-Commerce
    Link to website

Recent Talks

  • Performance Summit (2020)
    FlameCommander - Netflix’s cloud profiler
    Link to website
  • Performance @ Scale (2019)
    FlameScope - A different way of looking at profiles
    Link to recap
    Tecnologia para Negócios: AI, Data Science e Big Data
    Link to website
  • QCon SP (2019)
    A Evolução de Profilers na Netflix (The Evolution of Profilers at Netflix)
    Link to video
  • CMG Impact (2019)
    Real User Performance Monitoring at Netflix Scale
    Link to recap
  • Startup Summit (2019)
    Um Dia na Vida de um Engenheiro de Performance do Netflix (A Day in the Life of a Netflix Performance Engineer)
    Link to video
  • DevOps Days Florianopolis (2018)
    Um Dia na Vida de um Engenheiro de Performance do Netflix (A Day in the Life of a Netflix Performance Engineer)
  • QCon SP Keynote (2018)
    Um Dia na Vida de um Engenheiro de Performance do Netflix (A Day in the Life of a Netflix Performance Engineer)
    Link to video
  • QCon SP (2018)
    Monitoramento da Performance de Usuários Reais na Escala do Netflix (Real User Performance Monitoring at Netflix Scale)
    Link to website
  • Atlanta Web Performance Meetup (2018)
    Real User Performance Monitoring at Netflix Scale
    Link to Meetup
  • RD Summit (2017)
    Uma Cultura de Inovação Contínua (A Continuous Innovation Culture)
    Link to blog post
  • South Bay Site Reliability Engineering Meetup (2017)
    Monitoring Client Performance in a Large-scale, Multi-platform Environment
    Link to video

I Contribute to Open Source

Here you can find a few open-source projects I'm currently involved with, in one way or another.

Take a Look

Take a Look

Take a Look

Take a Look

Take a Look

Take a Look

These and a other projects can be found on GitHub.

I Adventure Around the World

I love to travel, adventure, not tourism. Getting to know new places, new cultures and new people are the most fulfilling things one can experience in life. I’ll jump into a plane or back of a truck at the smallest opportunity. Overlanding, backpacking and adventure traveling are the best ways of getting to know new places, not in 5-star hotels and guided tours!

Mongol Rally
Take a Look

Rickshaw Run
Take a Look

Llama Run
Take a Look

According to TripAdvisor, I visited north of 40 countries, hundreds of places, and that's less than 20% of of the world!

Follow my adventures on Instagram.


P.O. Box 321387
Los Gatos, CA
United States


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You can also reach out directly on hello@martinspier.io

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